Colorverse website - Particles morphing on scroll with custom shader

Happy to share with you our Three.js project create for one of our clients.
Hope you will like it~


We also have a case study of this project with some code on our agency website
It’s only in Korean but I think google translate can help you understand the main idea컬러버스/

The Three.js forum really help us to solve multiple problems so thank you to all the Three.js community~


Hi Nico,

How much it would cost a project like this one?


@Maguie Because I’m just the developer of this project I think it’s better you contact the web agency I work for to get information about the cost

beautiful! A++ Did you do the “morph/transitions” with GSAP?

absolutely love it!
Keep up the great work!

Hi @nico, when I open this website on android chrome, the address bar on the top does not disappear on scroll and the canvas does not resize due to it. Is it due to the implementation of custom scrolling?