Collada Loader - is it possible to retain geometry or mesh ids?

Here is a small chunk of one of our collada files.

<geometry id="SURF_27252552837">
    <source id="SURF_27252552837_positions_0" name="SURF_27252552837_positions_0">
      <float_array id="SURF_27252552837_positions_0_array" count="150">

Is there a way to get the id from geometry or source after ThreeJS parses and transforms the collada into a three object? I am not seeing it when I inspect the returned object. Is there a flag I can set to have it retain these instead of using uuids?


No sorry, the loader does only use the IDs for building the geometry. There is currently no way to access them after the parsing process.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 10.36.14 AM

When I load a file into the

The scene graph shows some sort of ID which is from the collada file. Does the threejs editor have some custom parsing going on to get these values?

No, these are just the names of the 3D objects (see ColladaLoader does parse the name attributes and assigns them to entities like material, geometries or nodes.