Code Assistant for three.js

Hi everyone.

We’re developing a code assistant for three.js and we’d love a little feedback in these early stage. Here an example

We’re going to launch a PoC for Betatesting in a few days.

Here a link to subscribe the waiting list

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:


at first glance, it looks awesome !!

Looks like machine learning things :smiley:

Idk, what is described in a entire sentence is coded in 3-4 words, describing programming logic in human sentences seems counter-productive to me, asides of turning into a entire roman for anything more complex. Asides the very questionable background of these AIs that learn from source codes that are protected by licenses or being even closed (at least the GitHub one).

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We are in the early stages of development and this is a pilot test. I hope you like it when you try it. Feel free to sign up for testing.

Thank you for your words, all opinions are useful to us because if it is not useful for devs, it has no sense.

The goal of is not so much to replace what a dev who knows the libraries can do better but to help you when you are going to use a library for the first time and you don’t know it, with the idea of saving you time and effort in studying the documentation. It’s like having an expert to consult.

On the other hand. In our case, we are using open-source models like Bloom from BigScience and we are fine-tuning with the public three.js documentation. So there is no proprietary code used at all.

You are welcome also to try our beta. :slight_smile:

yeah, I would never find it useful but it looks cool !!!
I think if typing the command is as smart as google, then it might be useful otherwise it would be another thing to keep in mind.

But like I said even for me, it looks cool !!!

I really appreciate your words Pravin! Thank you for your feedback.