[CLOSED]Clipping in more than one plane at once

I would like to clip my object in several places at the same time.

The example here does what I am after, however I would like the option to do the reverse. So if for example i had a cube, i could, as with the example, provide another cube to define the cutting region…


using the method in the link, I would get the “common” area like so (highlighted in red)

however what i want to be left with is the opposite/inverse…


i am doing this on a very complex assembly, the cube is for demonstration purposes only.

I have it all working using the standard three clipping planes to achieve the first affect, I am using clipping planes in my render function, however I cannot seem to achieve the second affect, even with multiple render passes. with multiple render passes it draws back in things that were previously clipped.

I appreciate you will probably want a demo, but it would be very hard to strip out of my project which is under an NDA. However if anyone could suggest how to achieve the inverse ofthis example I would very much appreciate it (don’t worry about the capping).

I have looked into the examples of the clipintersection but none of the examples I have found give exactly what I am after. Essentially imagine I want to cut a rectangular hole out of the globe, using cutting planes.

If I understand it correctly the operation you are after would be boolean operations on the geometry.
Clipping would only mean not showing certain part of the model without affecting the geometry.

Boolean operations can be quite complex and not very easy to write for complex geometries.
One place you could check is RhinoCompute, where you can offload the task of boolean operation to the CAD kernel powering Rhino to be processed on some server (or you can host it) and get the result back in an API call.

It is still in development so I wouldn’t be too attached to it.
From my experience with boolean operations in Rhino, they can still fail sometimes for very complex shapes.

thanks for the response, i actually solved it myself using several passes, i just needed to flip the planes around a bit to get it to work.