Clipping planes with stencil + postprocessing outlines problem

In my project I am using clipping with stencil like in this example:

Everything works fine, the model i am using is cutted properly and stencil layer shows only on the cutted model area.

But, I wanted to add outline efffect like in this example:

And now, when i am rendering using composer, outline effect works like i wanted, but stencil layer is shown full size and always visible, not like before:

And my question is why is this happening and what can i do with it?

I have the same problem with TAA post processing effect. Did you find a solution @KrystianRej ?

I have the same problem just with your first example. It looks like the second one. How do you load your model? I guess it could be a problem with the gltf loader. Could you provide an example of your first version which works?

Problem solved. It was caused by the DRACO compression. After disabling the compression during export. Everything works fine