Click, create object, immediately drag

I would like to achieve the following behavior. On mousedown in a specific place, a new object is immediately created and added to the DragControls. Subsequent mousemove (meaning, before mouseup!) should drag the newly created object.

I have tried manually firing a new mousedown event to the document and/or a dragstart event to the DragControls, but neither works- the events are fired and caught, but the object isn’t then dragged.

Intuitively, I think I want to get the DragControls into the same state it is immediately after the user clicks on an already-existing object, but I don’t know quite how to make this happen.

How can I get this to happen? Thanks for your consideration.

To solve this, you have to capture the mouse down event before the DragControls, then you create the object, insert it the controls’ array of objects … so that when the controls becomes aware of the mouse event, the object will be ready and waiting to be dragged.

Here is a simplified example. Click-and-drag to create-and-drag a cube.



Works a treat. Thank you!

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