Circular to Axial movement with Three.js

Circular to Axial movement with Three.js

The link

Obs: Cylinder from 2 points code based on:
Straight tube geometry - #3 by il_luzzi
@prisoner849 … Dec 2022
… Looks like you’re trying to put a tube from one point to another.


Boa zé kkk tu é br
nice sample

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As an alternative, you can also create those kinds of animations using Blender - which may be easier.

Here is my Blender animation of a fairly complicated airplane landing gear which has been imported into three.js. Press “G” to see it extend and retract.

Each of the struts has been given an animation.


Hi @phil_crowther ,

I really liked Your animation with Blender… I’ll check it out this option :wink:

PS: I put something else in the post, with some electrical components!