Check if positions are behind object

@jcy Ok cool, I learned also since as I said I haven’t tested it myself :yum:

How did you finally manage to define the back of your character?

@abstract After setting the camera to it’s initial reverse looking position using the subVectors method mentioned above, I just ran camera.rotation.copy(object.rotation) each time I rotated the 3D character and that seemed to just automatically rotate the backwards looking camera as well :slight_smile:

Ok indeed, I don’t know why I suggested the inverse rotation when it is actually the same rotation as the object :sweat_smile: Good job!

Do you know if having multiple cameras in a scene will impact performances? For example if there is one main camera and two hidden cameras performing other tasks.

I don’t think the renderer knows about your hidden cameras unless you tell it.

renderer.render( scene, camera );

I don’t see why other cameras would have any performance impact on the rendering.

You haven’t done anything special to set your camera invisible except you don’t use it in the render function call, do you?

Yea I just added them to the scene without anything special. Thanks again for the solution! :slight_smile:

@prisoner849 After spending some time I managed to get your solution working as well and it appears to be more optimized when there’s numerous moving avatars in a scene. So thank you very much as well! :slight_smile:

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