Changing mesh visibility from the scene

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Please help.

As you can see in the screenshot.

This is the print of a scene object.

I have a 3d Model(glb) which contains mesh names such as legs, cushions, back, supports, base.

I could see each mesh row’s object key which is called visible(boolean) and I could make them invisible while I load the model and add this model to the scene. I have direct access to the mesh in that model.

But inside the seen object as you can see I have children.children

How can I change each mesh visibility from scene object itself.

Basically I am trying to make some parts visible based on clicks on the button such as back, base, supports etc.

I am following this tutorial to learn ThreeJS

Kindly let me know If I am unable to express my problem.

Since your meshes have names, you could find them via scene.getObjectByName()

Once you found them, you can assign the result to a JS variable, so you don’t have to look up again.

By scene I mean the topmost scene, you still can call getObjectByName() on it and find the mesh even if it’s inside a scene inside a scene along with other meshes and lights.

Yes, I am trying, Seems like working.

But what is the best way to toggle them. Because I am not removing them.

right now I am traversing the scene and checking if it is mesh and the name === “legs” (example) then update the isVisible to false

Is this right way to do it?

Users will simply toggle different mesh based on their requirements.

Is there any suggestion?

You can put all meshes you care about into an object and then toggle visible property, off the top of my head:

const parts = {};

['arms', 'legs'].forEach(nm => parts[nm] = scene.getObjectByName(nm));

document.getElementById('somebutton').addEventListener('click', () => {
parts.legs.visible = !parts.legs.visible;
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Thank you very much. I will try this.