Change Type of Material only

I want to change the type of material used on mesh. Say for example it is MeshBasicMaterial and I want to change it to MeshPhongMaterial, but ONLY the type, so colors, maps setting etc stay the same. For example, I load a picture and put on a flat plane. The material type is phong. I have a picture frame mesh and it 'stype is basic, How can I change the material to phong to match the picture?

I tried changing .type but that did not seem to work but is listed when I look in console

The type property is only intended for serialization/deserialization.

You can only solve this issue by creating a new instance of MeshPhongMaterial and copy over all compatible material properties. So don’t do phongMaterial.copy( basicMaterial );. This approach is only supported if both material objects are from the same type.

Something like this will cover most common properties:

const targetMaterial = new MeshPhongMaterial(); targetMaterial, sourceMaterial );

Thanks will give it a try.