Change Mesh map except of AO map which has two uv map

Hi, I have an model (4.4 MB)
that has normalMap, and roughness map and AO map from blender exported.

I checked that I can use different uv for AO map and other texture map from glb.
But If I change other texture to roughness map and normal map, they are mapped by uv map for ao map.

I tried change uv order from blender but It didn’t worked. How can I change texture with keeping its uv?
or Is there any way to set specific uv mapping for textures?

Thanks for read!

before change normal and rougness texture, the ao map and other map has adjusted different uv

after change normal and rougness texture, the normal map and roughness map are adjusted ao map’s uv map

I’m not sure I understood what this means. Are you changing something in Blender, or in three.js, and could you be more specific about the change?

Also – which three.js version are you using? Before r151, three.js always used the 2nd UV set for aoMap and lightMap, and the 1st UV set for everything else. Before r152, three.js was limited to only 2 total UV sets. After r152 you can use up to 4 UV sets, and specify them with = 0–3. Files exported from Blender should keep their mappings for those 4 UV sets in r152, but please let us know if that doesn’t seem to be happening.

yes I mean change in three js.
Thanks for giving me information about channel. The answer was change texture channel!
It works very well with it!

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