Center the transformControls

Hello, i am adjusting the position of object based on bounding box values. It is working on other objects, but as we can see, the desk’s center is considered to be x = 0 and z = 100 (top of desk), if i apply location in blender, then the center will be 0,0,0(underneath it). This gives me the problem of adjusting the possition as so: desk.position.z = (desk.scale.z * desk.boundingbox.z)/2(to center it).
Is there a way to set the center so such problems do not occur?


You could use a object and parent your models to them. I have done that before for other applications in Unity.

Did you get it?

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Yep , i tried to set it from all the options in here and in my case it worked with Origin to Geometry

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