CDN to load FBX in a simple page

I’m creating a jsFiddle to load the classic Samba_Dancing.fbx I don’t want to use import or modules but just external src file from CDN.

But I’m getting some error due to the wrong versions I’m using: Here my demo

I see a generic error and I can’t fix it. Can you help me? Thanks!!

(1) Hm - why not use jsdelivr for importing all modules? seems to exist. :thinking:

(2) Since you’re using 0.121.1 import for three, it may be a good idea to use v121 for other modules as well (ie. /three.js@r92/examples/js/module/three.js@r121/examples/js/module)

Thanks I’m using now this

But not yet fixed the issue…

Weren’t modules the issue :thinking:? I can’t see any errors in the console when running your code. Or is the model an issue?

Just so you know - everything is loading properly, you can see that in the Networking panel in devtools:

The model’s not showing because:

  1. It’s much bigger than the scene.
  2. There’s no light in the scene, while the model uses a MeshStandardMaterial (which requires light, otherwise it’ll render just black.) Add an ambient light (ex. scene.add(new THREE.AmbientLight(0xffffcc, 0.75)); ) or any other light source and you should see the model just fine.

Yes!!! I got the point! Thanks!! I was so depressed… I thought there was an hidden herror. Insead he was there in the darkness :smiley:

Many Thanks!