Can somebody tell me how to test my 3D model in puppeteer to see how well it works?

Actually, I require a test case in order to execute an automated puppeteer test. So, if anyone has a script or resource for it, please send it to me here.

Sorry bro…I can’t think of how to do that…any videos maybe?

  • save a canvas as an image
  • set headless to false

I didn’t find any videos related to it. If you can so please share here.

can you send me any repository or script 0r method or video related to it ?

sure, on puppeteer side you use toDataURL and then back in node you

// save a canvas as an image
var base64Data = dataURL.replace(/^data:image\/png;base64,/, "");
require("fs").writeFile("out.png", base64Data, 'base64', function(err) {


  const browser = await puppeteer.launch({
    headless: false // specify this to see how your page looks like in puppeteer