Camera collision in third-person orbit controlls

I want to prevent the camera from clipping into walls and ground. My idea was to attach a small sphere to a camera (I have an octree implemented from the FPS example), test that sphere against the collider, and if there is a collision, move a sphere along the normals and towards the orbit target, like in popular MMOs.


  const sphereCollider = new THREE.Sphere( cameraStartingPosition, 0.2 );

  // animation loop;

  const result = collider.sphereIntersect(sphereCollider);

  if ( result ) {
    const normalVector: THREE.Vector3 = result.normal.multiplyScalar( result.depth );
    camera.position.addScaledVector(normalVector, 1);
    camera.position.lerp(, 0.01);

#1 It works only when I rotate the camera slowly, if I do it fast it clips. (see the video)
#2 When a camera gets closer to the orbit target due to collision I have to manually re-position it, how to do that automatically?
#3 When a camera is next to the wall, I can see inside, how to prevent that?

CameraControls is what you seek - it’s a drop-in replacement for orbit controls.

Hey, thanks
It solves the first 2 issues, but not the third one.
Looks like my buildings don’t have a volume, there are just walls with 0 widths, maybe it could be fixed on the modeling level, in the blender.