Bruno Simon tutorial materials

Hello there I am tring to learn to make something on top of Bruno Simon portfolio, I want to add some of my objects and tweak things a little bit.
output.glb (152.6 KB)
base.glb (23.8 KB)
But when I change his objects to mine I get different colors than in blender or editor.

This is what I get:
image (1)

And this is what it is suppose to look:

This is his portfolio source code that I am tring to tweak:

Please can anyone help?

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I hope you leave Bruno’s credit in the code somewhere if you are planning to make a new site from it, anyway that being said my guess would be its the lighting color it usually is

Sure I would live him credits if I go online with this. But I just one to learn something it will be runned only localy. :smiley: Well MeshBasicMaterials shouldn’t be affected with lights? Am I wrong?

did you fix this problem ?

Yes, MeshBasicMaterial is a so called unlit material which does not respond to lights.

I assume the difference in colors could be related to how you configure three.js. Using the latest version should ensures the engine is properly configured by default. Meaning WebGLRenderer.outputColorSpace is set to THREE.SRGBColorSpace and THREE.ColorManagement.enabled is set to true.