BoxGeometry borders. FatLineEdges.html review

Hello People,

It is about FatLineEdges.html (@author Mugen87).

I saved the page, read the Module%20usage.pdf, downloaded the files, did the jsm path and tryied to run it locally, with my PHP server (quickPHP).
I did not saw the BoxGeometry, because of the canvas tag at the last line of the page
and the overflow:hidden in body CSS.
I deleted the canvas tag and then OK.
I made a zip file with all the five js files necessary to run.

Here is:

I would like to know if it is possible to modify it to run it with the newer Three.js files.

Thanks for the great Three.js!

José Roberto Lazzareschi (237.2 KB)

Possibly this is the reason ?

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Thank You for the attention.