Box3 - incorrect height calculation

Good afternoon, Box3 returns the wrong height when calculating. Because if the object on the Y-axis is above zero, the function makes an incorrect calculation, it works well when Y = 0

I think you might have to call updateProjectionMatrix for the new position to be registered in its new position?

It does not help

Do you mind demonstration this issue outside of your application with a live example?

The computation seems to work fine here:

BTW: updateProjectionMatrix() is not relevant here.

Strangely I will revise it at home then, in an easy scene if there is no bug to model, I have already tried, what then interestingly interferes with me. I will sort it out, thank you all for your help.

I understood the essence of the problem, it turns out that the sprite that I added as a title to the character is also involved in the calculation, since I added it as a child of the hero.

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