Bounded Elliptical Rotation

I recently discovered that OrbitControls’s rotation can be bounded using minAzimuthAngle/maxAzimuthAngle/minPolarAngle/maxPolarAngle. It works as intended, however, whenever the camera hugs the boundaries, it makes a parallelogram . Is there I way I can make it elliptical instead?

not really, no. you would have to put your own code to do that.

Yes, with dynamic bounds of azimuth and polar angles – i.e. you have to recalculate the bounds depending on the current position. Here is a demo, the red points on an invisible sphere correspond to the current azimuth and polar angles of the controls:

Oh I see, so I’ll need to update the values dynamically. Thanks alot!

What I do is the following:

  • if the angular coordinates are within a predefined angular circle, then I do nothing
  • if they are outside this circle, I force them back to the circle – to do this, I set the min/max of both azimuth and polar angles, and after controls.update that uses the bound angles, I release back the bounds

Here is the code:

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GOAT! I definitely appreciate it!