Bloom Effect only get applied to random particles insted of all of them?

I made a scene with particles and animated it to make a wave, after that i tried to add a bloom effect to all the particles however the affect only applies to few at random never all, what did i do wrong. Here is my code: my code

Too big threshold in line 130. Try with:

bloomPass.threshold = 0.1;

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Nope not working, but i did notice interesting behavior, some particles will glow briefly when they align with another particle (layer on top of each other) ><

@PavelBoytchev s changes are working in the playcode.

I also tried:
bloomPass.threshold = 0.
bloomPass.strength = 3.4;
bloomPass.radius = 1.;
and got a decent result…

Also you’re missing a composer.resize() in the resizehandler… and not setting its size initially… but doesn’t seem to be affecting much, but something to keep in mind.


Yep seems to work now, ><, sorry dont know why it didnt work first time around.

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