Blender Object to ThreeJS (dimensions)

Hello everyone,
I uploaded a blender 3D object (.obj & its materials .mtl).
how can i set its dimensions via threejs?!also the units of measurements, can they be in pixelx if not, centimeters?

The three.js units are meters, by convention, and for lighting calculations if you have physically correct lights enabled.

However, that had nothing to do with the final width that things will be drawn on screen, which you can’t control.

More info here


Thanks, yeah i already saw this post, but it didn’t help verymuch,!
so there is no way i can get the exact width!!.
because in my script the width of finger is 40px!.
any idea?!

Do you need to convert 3D coordinates to screen-space coordinates?

so there is no way i can get the exact width!!.

There’s no way to set a model so that it will be 1cm wide on every screen, because screens are all different shapes and sizes, and the pixels that make them up come in many different sizes too.

Ooooh, so what do you think i should do?!
the problem is: i want to build an app similar to this one: except this one is a mobile app, and what i want is webapp.

How are you planning to recognize what part of the photo is the part of a finger that the ring should go on?

Once you have that set up, you can measure how many pixels across the finger is and use that to calculate a size.

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