Blender and Three viewer differences

Three and Blender seem to use opposing settings for Alpha maps is there a way to avoid having to invert our maps to get them to display properly on our page? Like in blender if we make a mesh shirt in our three viewer only the mesh holes are filled in and everything else is hidden.

I think there’s more than one way to do this in Blender. Could you share how you’re setting up the material there?

Reconfiguring Blender’s alpha maps is likely to be easier than changing three.js’s.

Maybe you can set the texture.flipY property to false? It’s true by default.

Like Blender treats black as opaque on alpha maps and three treats white as opaque.

There’s more than one way to do an alpha map in Blender. If you connect an Image Texture to the Alpha slot on a Principled BSDF material, the texture will work the same as an alpha map in three.js:

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This seems to have worked, unfortunately I’m just the code monkey so I gotta butt heads with the 3D artist from time to time.