Basic MeshLine example


I’m looking for an basic example where a MeshLine is animated starting at p01 (xyz) and animates/Moves straight from there to a given target/point p02 (xyz).

Are there some good examples/tutorials out there?

The question is somewhat related to one of your former topics: THREE.MeshLine build-in?

My suggested approach at the end of the thread does not work for you? Can you please describe in more detail how your intended animation should look like?

I want to add lines like in here @Mugen87 :

Difference is, that I want to animate those lines randomly, so they begin growing from earth to outta space. Once grown they fade out, get a new random position and “grow” again.

Do you plan to work with tens of thousands of lines?

No @prisoner849 - it will be 20 to 30 lines max evolving and afterwards (after animation ended) being reset and randomly placed on the sphere to be animated again

Why not use Tween.js then? :slight_smile:

Yes, why not - would be cool to see how that would work codewise @prisoner849

Just from the scratch:
A line grows (scales) on the plane with constant speed (means different time of growth) to the random limit height, then fades out to invisible, then starts to grow again at a random point on the plane.

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@prisoner849 thank you so much for this great starting-point. What I by now trying to wrap my head around is, when the initial vertex-position is not at x = 0, y=0, z=0 for the 1st vertex, the lines start to move not only in scale but position.

Would be nice to define a starting point > 0 that keeps the lines growing from where they origin position was without moving but just scaling…