Art Project with Three JS (Virtual Gallery)

AIQ was formed in 2016, bringing together for the first time the latest technology and contemporary art. Avoiding traditional gallery spaces, AIQ goes beyond the real, creating an exceptional sensory experience. The virtual art space allows you to virtually touch the artwork, bringing together news ways one can view art, alongside a variety of art itself and other unique additions.

Our goal is to evolve with today’s technology, to experiment with ways of purchasing art, to feel connected with the artist and ultimately to promote their careers online over the globe. Today’s gallery is a subject of the past and we want to be the first to take steps towards a more artistic future.


Please provide some description, the link appears unsafe and the site isn’t english.

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The project is also in English

I already added description


Coolest webgl art gallery I’ve laid my eyes on: nice work :rocket:!

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Very nice!

  • The lack of anti-aliasing is very obvious to me, on the picture frames.
  • language selection is a bit glitchy - I had to click “Eng” several times before the setting stayed in English.
  • since loading takes a long time, it might be nice to use that time to tell people about the gallery/artist etc. They are less likely to get impatient and leave during loading that way
  • Also during loading - messages were only in Spanish. Changing language didn’t change these for me.

thank you! We will work on the details you mention and improve it

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