ArrayCamera only renders nearby objects

Hey, I’m trying to use ArrayCamera with several PerspectiveCameras. However, objects further than ~15m from the camera are not rendered at all. I was able to recreate this behavior with the ArrayCamera Example (see the attached Codepens). I tried copying the fov/aspect/near/far properties of the child PerspectiveCameras to the parent ArrayCamera with no luck. When I directly render one of the PerspectiveCameras, the distant meshes render properly.

  • Codepen (Object at z: -2 doesn’t render)
  • Codepen (Object at z: -1 renders correctly)

If you set the position value of the mesh to (0, 0, -2), it just disappears behind the blue background plane which has a position of (0, 0, -1). I’ve removed the plane from the scene in the following codepen to illustrate this: