Applying quaternion rotations to bones in FBX model

Hey! I’m looking to apply quaternion rotations from an array (which I’ve already got loaded in the memory) to bones on an fbx model, which I’ve already got loaded in with this code:

const fbxLoader: FBXLoader = new FBXLoader();
      (object) => {
        object.traverse((child) => {
          if ((child as THREE.Mesh).isMesh) {
            // (child as THREE.Mesh).material = material;
            if ((child as THREE.Mesh).material) {
                (child as THREE.Mesh).material as THREE.MeshBasicMaterial
              ).transparent = false;
        object.scale.set(0.02, 0.02, 0.02);

      (xhr) => {
        console.log((xhr.loaded / * 100 + '% loaded');
      (error) => {

I order to do this, first, I tried to do a dry run using cubes but then I realised I was applying rotation to each individual component instead of chaining them together.

So I have few problems:

  1. How to chain together an array of rotations to body parts?
  2. How to apply the same, meaning the aforementioned chained rotations, to an fbx model (I could use a different one if that’d make a difference); and with this one I another problem, which is -
  3. How do I access the model’s bones?