Animation like air flowing

Hi Please have a look into the below Video, I have seen this in a website. I have given below the website too. There is an animation of air flow. How to do this kind of animations. Any examples like this.?

One possible approach to render such effects is the usage of mesh lines. Meaning lines are not rendered with line primitives but with triangles. The third-party plugin THREE.MeshLine provides a similar effect in one of its examples:

I’m not sure what changes are required to get something like this to work with the official wide line implementation of the repository.

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You could also try to create a curvy shape with just the texture of that flow on it:

And then create an alpha map and a scrolling texture on it:

(You can also try to scroll only the alpha map for a bit nicer effect, but that’ll require a separate pair of UV coordinates.)

Something similar to this.


Similar to the suggestion by pikachu, you could make a video with an alpha channel and use that video as a texture. I have applied several videos as textures with nice transparency

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Can you please share any example here. @makman

Wow. Nice @mjurczyk. I think this what I am searching