Animation effect of locomotive running

Hello, want to how to achieve a driver driving in the cab of the animation effects? What good methods and ideas, thank you.

I would create the driver and animations in a modelling program and then import the model into the train cab and play the animations as needed.

In fact, the effect I want is not so complicated, is a locomotive capable of driving on the winding track, now seems a good straight track control, just do not know how to realize the track bending effect.

OK, that seems like something very different than what you asked in the original question. Could you try to be a little clearer and more specific in asking your questions here?

There is now a locomotive model and a winding track model, to achieve a driver driving on the locomotive in effect, the driver can see the scene change a way. I don’t know if I say you understand? I’m not clear that what kind of method to achieve.

That is simple simulation of a driver perspective effect

With the case of animation is somewhat similar, but this case seems to be too complex