Animated textures

Once the object3D is created with a mesh and a material , can u change on animate() the map: texture property of the material ?Or change the url from the texture with setTimeout and cleartimeout

Yes you can do that although it’s not really a great way as you will have to call dipsose() on the textures to take them out of gpu memory… Here’s an example I made…

There’s a semi official example i think that uses one long image map with all the frames side by side which is made to usdate its uv coordinates

yes thank you . I need it to change the images in this vr panoramaviewer three.js vr - panorama with depth
Now there is only 1 image (+ a Zdepth image). .To load another image i have to take my phone out of my viewer and tap 5 times or more to load another similar html with another picture and put the phone back in the stereo viewer to see a new picture in vr .That is too much tapping .I think the images are too big to use the filmstripmethod with the long image map.


ah yes i see your use case now! the example i shared will just about do what you need, you may have to update it with a few lines of code, once you load a new image make sure to .dispose() old texture, also you will need to create a load function from the new texture so when it has loaded, then = new texture, if that makes sense?

yes it works good . the dispose is really necessary ? because the sequence repeats in a loop until the user exits the page so the pictures come back .