Ammo.btVector3 is not a constructor

Hello :slight_smile: I’m so a noob on web and I was trying to import ammo.js into my project with Three.js editor.
I got this message

Uncaught TypeError: Ammo.btVector3 is not a constructor

and so I googled it up and found that it could be because of asynchronous loading. However, it doesn’t seem to get solved - what should I try? I’m so lost now…

<script src="here your ammo.js or ammo.wasm.js path"></script>
<script src="assets/examples/js/libs/ammo/ammo.js"></script>

Ammo().then( function ( AmmoLib ) {

			Ammo = AmmoLib;


		} );

function init()

if you are using a framkework like angular just copy the script in your index.html, example:

<script src="assets/examples/js/libs/ammo/ammo.js"></script>