Am I on the right track with my attempt to replicate my vertex shader in the nodesystem

I’m trying to recreate my WebGL2 vertexShader in the node system to be able to use WebGPU. Am I correct in using the uniforms and attributes in the node system?

//WebGL2 vertexShader
const VS = `

	precision highp float;
	precision highp int;
	precision highp sampler2D;

	uniform mat4 modelMatrix;
	uniform mat4 modelViewMatrix;
	uniform mat4 viewMatrix;
	uniform mat4 projectionMatrix;
	uniform vec3 cameraPosition;

	uniform sampler2D vertexTexture;
	uniform float time;

	// Attributes
	in vec3 position;
	in vec3 normal;
	in int vindex;
	// Outputs
	out vec3 vNormal;
	out float idx;

	void main() { 	

		idx = float(vindex);

   	    ivec2 texSize = textureSize(vertexTexture, 0);
   	    float texWidth = float(texSize.x);
   	    float texHeight = float(texSize.y);
   	    int colIdx = int(floor(idx / texWidth));
   	    int rowIdx = int(mod(idx, texHeight));
		vec3 posData = texelFetch(vertexTexture, ivec2(rowIdx, colIdx), 0).rgb;

		vNormal = normalize(normal);	

		vec3 newPosition = posData + vNormal * 3.;
		gl_Position = projectionMatrix * modelViewMatrix * vec4(newPosition, 1.0);

My attempt to replicate this in the node system:

const params = {
	vertexTexture: uniform( texture(DataTexture) );	//texture
	time: uniform( dt );						//elapsed time

	position: attribute('position');	//position attribute
	normal: attribute('normal');		//normal attribute
	vindex: attribute('vindex');		//custom attribute
const customShaderNodePosition = tslFn( ( input ) => {



const material = new MeshBasicNodeMaterial();
material.positionNode = customShaderNodePosition(params);			

Am I on the right track there?

My question here is outdated. Since I cannot delete them, I would like to at least refer to my current question here, where I am already much further:

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