Afterimage pixellation



Does anyone know why rendering with the AfterimagePass results in rougher / pixellated edges? Also, the motion trails are only visible when renderer.setClearColor or scene.background are set to a dark color or undefined. Is it possible to set up the scene so the trails are visible in front of a white background?

Without AfterimagePass:

With AfterimagePass:


This question was already answered here: Why framebuffer no anti-aliasing? direct render have anti-aliasing


Thank you – do you happen to know why the afterimage effect is only visible against a dark background?


I think this is a limitation of AfterimageShader. The fragment shader always picks the maximum color value between the old and new texel.

If you have a white background, the respective color will always have a higher value.


Gotcha - do you have any suggestions on how to fix that? :slight_smile:


No^^. But maybe you find an alternative afterimage shader at shadertoy or similar sites.


I got it working – I just needed to turn on the alpha buffer in the renderer. :smiley: