After switching the camera, the FOV value is wrong in three.js editor

I found two problems in three.js

When I create two perspectiveCameras and switch back and forth, I will find that the FOV value of the camera is wrong

Another problem is the problem of shadow. When I set a planeGeometry on double sides and turn on shadow and receive shadow, the problem will occur when the light that can emit shadow shines on this model

It was implemented like this on purpose although I’m not sure the current logic is misleading. Meaning the projection matrix of the selected camera is overwritten by the fixed editor’s default camera:

These self-shadowing artifacts can be mitigated via LightShadow.bias. However, this option is not yet configurable via the editor’s UI.

Filed an PR for this one:

BTW: Feel free to create a issue about your first camera related question.

Thank you very much, Michael Herzog. After your instruction, the previous two problems have been solved. Thank you very much.

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Hello, I have another question for you. I used the editor of three.js to export the GLB file, and then opened the GLB file with the editor. After that, the layer has changed. Do you have a solution to this problem

This is a known issue:

Unfortunately, it’s not yet fixed.

Hello, thank you very much for your help. We used the three.js framework to develop a software. During the development process, we encountered many problems. Thank you again for answering our questions. Thank you very much.
At present, we still have an important problem that has not been solved. I hope to get your help again.
The problem is this:
We add a model in our own project, and then map it. Then save the file. When we open the newly saved project for the second time, the material color of the model has deviation and the color is darker.

When you replace the color map for this model, it will display normally. The official editor of three.js does not have this problem. This problem happened in our own project, but I don’t know where it happened? I hope I can get your help

By the way, are you in the US? We should be in different countries, there may be a time difference. I hope our problems do not disturb you to rest.

Nope, in Germany.

Any chances to demonstrate this issue with a live example? Without debugging it will be hard to find the root cause for this.

Thank you Mr. Michael Herzog.
Are you an internal staff member of three.js? I feel you know very much about three.js. I would like to ask, can I add your Facebook account? I hope to learn more about three.js from you.

Well, there is no real “staff” but I’m one of the collaborators.

Sry, I’m not at Facebook^^. But you can use the e-mail shared at my GiHub account if you want to write me a PM.