Aerial color imaging technology demo animation

This is my first three.js project.


You’re a man of few words, so your project went almost unnoticed, which would have been a shame!

I think it’s a cool idea, and very well presented as such! You even thought of dissolving the effect, although I’m not sure about the “bio” part of the “bio degradabilty” :wink:

One word about your animation loop:
while I understand that the dissolving effect is a very subtle animation, there remains a very high residual GPU load of approx. 80% on my iMac, once the dissolution is complete and no user input has occurred. That part has some potential for improvement.

Grüezi Christoph,

Thank you for your compliments and observations.
Yes, I also noticed that for some reason at the very end the GPU load becomes uncomfortable.
IDK if it’s because I’m increasing size and decreasing opacity in a very subtle step, while still rotating the sprite.

Yeah, the bio part is question of some research and experiment. Thank goodness my wife is a biochemist :wink:

Hi Gabor,

thanks for sharing your code which gave me valuable insight into many programming aspects of three.js which I had not come in contact with before.

Being a mechanical engineer and a licensed paraglide pilot, I would also expect the stabilisation and synchronisation of the satellite wing’s flight path with that of the mothership to be a major engineering challenge.

Good luck with your project!



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