Adding New Project Page Link


How can I add my web page to three.js home page.
Does it need to satisfy any criterion?

Here is the page::


I don’t seem to see any weblgl directly on the page. Could you tell me where I should go to see some three.js?

Website looks really clean!

In “About Us” and “Vacancies” you can see some webgl animations. But mainly you could go to the product section and see some diamond demos, and general 3d product demos.


Thanks, I had some issue with drivers, webgl wouldn’t load. It works now, looks very pretty :slight_smile:

Your site looks slick, very nice.

And good luck getting onto, I’ve asked 3 times in the past 3 years lol.

@spidersharma You already marked Real Time Diamond Rendering as a showcase so it will be visible when @mrdoob checks them next time.

By “visible” you mean, he might add it to the project page right?

Correct. However, I don’t know how often he checks the list.

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Okay, Thanks for the info.