Adding more meshes?

This is probably a simple question, and I’m not the best with three.js yet.
I was wondering, what is the easiest way to render a new mesh while everything is running? If I attempt to just add a new mesh like I would before everything runs, the project freezes.
What i’m looking for as maybe a better example:
user: clicks (i do already have key and click detection so this should not be a problem)
game: oh wowie the user clicked i will render a new mesh on the screen now :slight_smile:

You should be able to scene.add(anything) at any given moment - there’s no need to stop anything. Check devtools console and see if there’s any errors when you attempt to add new elements to the scene - or maybe there’s an accidental infinite loop that keeps adding new elements over and over again, causing the freeze.

there may be something wrong with the key detection, it might spam the add mesh function and crash the game. the repl is also spitting out errors every frame, but they did not seem to have any impact on the game until now D: is it ok if i just send you the repl invite link my brain is too small for this