Adding glitch effect to different object in a scene

Hi everyone,

I’m still a newbie to threejs, so pardon me if this is a dumb question.

I was able to adding glitch effect to the entire scene. But what I want to do is to have different objects in different place of the website (I set my scene as a background for the site), and adding that effect to the objects. Would it be possible to do that?

possible but not an easy thing to do if you are

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Possible. One of solution is add to glitch shader to material of object. Need to use onBeforeCompile.
This code chaning normalMap texture repeating:

shader.fragmentShader=shader.fragmentShader.replace("#include <normal_fragment_maps>",
`vec3 mapN=texture2D(normalMap,vUv/40.0).xyz*2.0-1.0;
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