Adding a window to a plane to allow seeing through it

I have a gltf file that contains a model of a small building made up of simple meshes. I can import and place this model into my scene. I then load another GLTF file with various window/door options in it. I can select on window and add that to my scene.
I’d like to be able to dynamically add windows to any wall of this model. I can create an array of walls and use ray-casting to allow choosing the correct wall to place a window on. We can even get the normals to line up and position the window relative to the wall. We want to allow the users to drag and drop this window constrained to the wall, but our main problem is that it would be best if we could actually make this window a part of the wall somehow. Where it cut through the wall plane and allowed us to see inside the model. Is this possible? What are even any clues to point me in the right direction. I’m not really even sure what to research to learn about this.
I didn’t really want to tie the wall and window together so tightly that I could no longer drag the window. Ideally I’d really just like to not join the window to the wall, just clip the wall where the glass is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

You could use a texture with a transparent area, or make a hole in the wall for the window (subdivide and remove triangles)**, or render the view without the wall then render that on to the wall (portal/viewport).

** this could be made simpler by having the wall made of discrete rectangles rather than, say, being a plane.


(Note: You’ve got contradictory requirements:
best if we could actually make this window a part of the wall
I didn’t … want to tie the wall and window together … tightly)