Adding 3d volume

Hello everyone,

another basic question, like adding 3d geometry to the scene, can you add 3d volume like animated smoke as either a sequence of images (sprites) or a volume

Thanks in adavance

Fog: Fog, Basic Fog, and Better Fog (Three.js Tutorial) - YouTube
Soft particles: Points transparent textures depth artifacts (soft particles)

Hi Paul,

thanks for the links provided , have a few question
say if i have a sequence of images how do i import them as animation into the scene,

and in the code below , where do i specify the texture image

found this ,

const depthTexture = new THREE.DepthTexture();
depthTexture.type = THREE.UnsignedShortType;
depthTexture.minFilter = THREE.NearestFilter;
depthTexture.maxFilter = THREE.NearestFilter;

The respective render target:

const renderTarget = new THREE.WebGLRenderTarget( width, height, {
    minFilter: THREE.LinearFilter,
    magFilter: THREE.LinearFilter,
    format: THREE.RGBAFormat,
    depthTexture: depthTexture,
    depthBuffer: true
} );

After rendering, you can then use the depth texture as an input for your soft particles shader. Maybe like so:

shader.uniforms[ 'tDepth' ].value = depthTexture;

You can then read the depth values in GLSL like so:

float depth = texture2D( tDepth, vUv ).x;

Thanks for the support