360 video with Human Head Substitution

Hi! I’m new to VR/AR and i aim to create test apps using threejs.
I would like to know if what i want to achieve is possible.

I have the following test apps:

  1. 360 video player with navigation controls(i used this as reference: https://codepen.io/yanivz/pen/NrRBWE)
  2. Detect a human head and replace that with an svg avatar (i used tracking.js)

Now what i want to do is, using test app #1 i want to be able to do test app #2 in it. That is,
detect human head in a 360 video and put an svg avatar on top of it as it moves and still with navigation capabilities.
Here is an example output that i want to achieve:

Later on once i get this to work, i would proceed and use it to do webRTC video calls where both parties will be able to see each other’s stream in 360 video with their faces represented by avatars and can navigate through the 360 view.

Will this be possible with threejs?
Thank you for your help :slight_smile: