2d Whiteboard to 3d Whiteboard

I have one 2d Agora Whiteboard and i tried to add in the threejs scene and its done perfectly i used css3d Object to make it, but here the problem is i am not getting accurate points on whiteboard as i am getting in 2d plane, can anyone help me with this, i even used the raycaster as well.
I need this ASAP, please suggest me something and let me out of this situation.
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But with what precisely :eyes: ? What is the deviation? Why would you need a raycaster? If Agora renders to canvas - that should be quite easy to place in three.js scene. If Agora uses DOM - CSS3D may indeed be the only way, but then interactions accuracy is not an issue caused by three, but rather by how the whiteboard listengs to the mouse events?

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I mean, doesnt raycasting already log the world intersection coordinates ? So just convert it to local coordinates for convenience with worldToLocal(). Im assuming you are using a flat plane, so the coordinates that interest you are x and y.