2 PostProcess consumes 20 fps of 50, some way to upgrade perform?

Hi, I’m creating an engine. I’m using post-processing for Glow and Bluur.
And FXAA in final pass.
But this one has a significant increase in fps counter.

Any way to improve this?

Model Test:
the final pass is in ./js/engine/module.js

to disable/enable postprocess in runtime use in console:

to disable shader render and use THREE.renderer

Based in this examples

It seems your application requires a login. Is that a mistake?

When sharing an application that demonstrates an issue, make sure you are not asking for credentials.

Tanks, changed to default login/password.

Already significant Increased FPS here,

  • just changed objects to texture front side only.
  • removed bloom selective and using object ilumination instead
  • changed ammo physics update time

Your app runs at 60 FPS on my machine.

However, I’ve noticed that it does not utilized the full width and height of the window. The performance could be different when rendering at full resolution.