Physics object of same shape as geometry

Any references or examples on creating physics object in the shape of geometry of 3D object? I want to hold 2 of my objects together (each having a hook) with the help of a torus. However, I tried with few physics shapes but I am unable to achieve this and the objects are not holding up together.

What physics library are you using?

Use ammo.wasm.js is most cheap ang lagless because using c++ via wasm.

I have not used one yet. I have been looking at ammo and looking for an example relevant to my use-case.

Cool, take a look at this list, you might find something that’s relevant to your case.

Projects like three-to-ammo and three-to-cannon can help with converting three.js objects to the representations your physics engine needs.

Note that you don’t necessarily want the physics shape to be exact – if you can simulate more complex objects as a collection of simple shapes like boxes and cylinders, the physics simulation will generally perform much better.