Maximum 3d model size to load

This runs totally smoothly in my browser, even before compression (which is still worthwhile). I think your code may have the wrong URL for the model, it is not crashing due to size, but a coding error. The JS Console:

I m sorry the file name needs to be in the html file is q4dm.glb. i have sent the code with wrong glb file name. But anyway even that 13mb file runs in your browser smoothly with the code i sent you right(after you put thr correct glb name)? Maybe i must try with a different browser.

Hi. May i know which tool you used to compress? Is it blender?

the tool above, npx gltfjsx yourmodel.glb --transform

I’d just tested the model in and it runs very smoothly (in my Chromium-based browser, Arc). I didn’t inspect code to see if anything else might be slow though, or to fix the URL.