Loading 3d object in a modal when clicked

i am very new to threejs and i am facing the below issue.
i am trying to display a 3D model in a modal with close icon.
I have a room created using BoxGeometry with a markers at certain places. On clicking on the marker i need to open something like a modal or pop up with GLTFloader to load a 3D model.

Can someone please help me with this, i am stuck for days.
Thanks in advance.

two renderers, scenes, renderloops. you click on the marker and you open up the second canvas in the modal. is there something specific that you have problems with? are you doing this with vanilla dom innerhtml or do you use a framework?

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and here is an example
select any model from the left panel, then at the bottom press the view button.
It opens the second scene, renderer, animation loop into the modal.

HomeIdea3D (seanwasere.com)


@drcmda thanks for the reply.
yes i am doing this with vanilla. and i guess this is what i was looking for. will try and let you know.
thanks much.

i was gonna prepare you an example Sky dome with annotations (forked) - CodeSandbox but vanilla, that wouldn’t be doable quickly. but you can take the concepts from it as a guideline perhaps.