Is it possible to texture map a Line

I am using LineGeometry, LineMaterial to create a Line2 mesh object. I am currently using vertex colors. Is it possible to apply a texture to a Line2

For context:

Unfortunately, no. Wide lines do not support textures, see:

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You can use Meshline to achieve that. It’s somewhat similar to Line2 but not in the core THREE. Note, however, that it’s lacking a bit behind because of lack of active maintainers. There is a branch here that works with Three 132.

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With the method I used to build the road, you can also create thin lines with texture.

From the Collection of examples from


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Thanks for the helpful pointers guys,

Have you used this? I am trying to use the branch but none of the demos work.

Yes, I’m currently using this in a project. Made a dead simple example that shows a meshline with a texture here: (remix here). It’s dead simple: just draws a meshline and applies a texture. But it shows that it works.

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I finally got it to work. I had to edit the MeshLine code that had a bug handling BufferGeometry. I have it in my own branch now.

I also found it does not handle CanvasTexture properly. It does not recognize rotated UVs