IoT data 3d model visualizator

Hi all,

sorry in advance if my query is not smart, but I have no coding knowledge, but architectural.

I am looking a solutions code to visualise a 3d model (exported in Gltf from Revit) thats shows the model with some pin element connected to a specific object in the model. the pin element can be clicked to open a tab windows that visualise the IoT data, connected by OPC UA.

anything similar to get idea where to start?

thanks in advance

You probably want to start with a three.js based glTF viewer. The gltf-viewer by @donmccurdy is one of the most popular ones and also open source. It does many things you definitely want in a viewer software. For example models are automatically centered and the viewer’s camera adjusted so you actually see the imported model.

How to implement labels or annotations for 3D objects was already asked in this forum multiple times. I suggest you have a look at the following topics:

It should not be hard to make such labels clickable so a new tab opens with a different website.

thank you for your help!
and sorry for my repetitive questions.

I have now an ideal path to follow. my doubt is about the marker to click for the annotation: as I have understood the marker/pin element are related to coordinates in the model space.

is there a way to create a marker that is attached to a specific ID object in the code, and not to a specific coordinate?