I am totally new for threejs I need some guidance

Hi guys,
I am new in three.js. I have gone through basic things of threejs like screen, renders, geometry.
I installed blender software for threejs but I am not able to open blender.
Can anyone guide me some tips so that I will able to proceed with threejs.

Blender is separate software to three.js - there are lots of other forums dedicated to it, if you are having trouble with it you should ask on one of those.

Can you be more specific about the problems you are having with three.js (aside from blender)? For example, have you gone through the Creating a scene tutorial?

Thanks looeee for reply.

I am able to create basic objects and animate it. I am not able to create complex model like human face or hollow pipe.
I am aware about blender tool for create complex object. Do you know any other tool to create complex object for threejs?

I want to create some complex object but I got stuck due to blender tool. With normal coding I am not able to create complex models. Can you suggest any other way than blender to create complex models.

Sure, have a read over my previous answer here for details of other software that you can use:

If, for some reasons, you don’t like Blender, 3DS Max or Maya, take a look at https://clara.io :slight_smile:

Thanks for valuable information.

Thanks for reply. As 3d max is not open source and blender is not working on my PC. I will surely try for clara.io

If you know any other open source application for threejs model design please tell me that too for in case.

Hello looeee
Thanks for such good answer.

Hello @prisoner849,

Thanks for Clara.io.
I have gone through it and I have created basic models like hollow pipe and mid level complex models over here.
But right now I am facing some difficulties like there are no more supporting tutorials to develop some more complex models like human face. And I am bit confuse to convert Clara objects in three.js.

I have checked publish option for threejs Jon export or other formats but not able to utilize it to render it on browser.