How to set 12 images to cube

Threejs cube require 6 texture. But i’d like to have 12 texture set to cube, that mean one face have 2 texture, it’s like each face have 2 layers.

Is it possible ?


How the final result has to look like? Any reference picture?
Just in case, have a look at this approach from @Fyrestar : Transparent png rendering weird when overlaping two PlaneGeometry - #7 by Fyrestar


I’m trying to make multiple resolution panorama on cube geometry. So now i can set one layer of materials each of cube faces.

But i can’t set multiple layer materials that mean when i zoom in, the material resolution will be increase.

It’s like earth map tile with zoom level.


I’m so sorry for my very bad english.

That sounds like an LOD problem to me, maybe in conjunction with some MipMaps