How can I clear all GLTF objects?

How can I clear a GLTF object from a scene and add another GLTF object into the scene? I’d like to be able to load an initial scene with multiple objects and then add and remove objects. I’ve tried reinitializing my scene with new objects and removing all the objects then reinitializing it - but this crashed my scene.

Have a look at this thread for what you need…

I ended up being able to just do a .remove then .add then render(). Is it a problem to render() lots of times. I’d like to use a slider to change values. Should I render ever time slider value changes? Thanks!

You can remove and add from scene but vram will still store textures and geometry until dispose is called, it also depends on what is being calculated in render() but yes you can bind a change event to your slider to render only when the slider is updated